Moving Heavy Loads: 2 Things to Consider When Choosing Castor Wheels

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A set of castor wheels is designed to fix directly onto the bottom of trollies so you can move loads easily. It is also possible to attach castor wheels directly onto the surface of the object you wish to move. Castor wheels will simplify the process of moving heavy objects as you will be able to roll heavy loads. There is a range of different types of castor wheels that can be used depending on the type and weight of the object you wish to move. Some castor wheels are only designed to move forwards or backwards, whereas others also swivel. Before choosing the type of castor wheels that you wish to install, you should consider two important factors.

The Size of Castor Wheel

When choosing the type of castor wheels to use, weight is a very important factor. Not all castor wheels are designed and produced to the same standard. It the object you are moving is very heavy, you should consider using large castor wheels. Larger diameter wheels allow the load to be balanced evenly and also offer a better range of mobility. If you are unsure about the weight bearing capacity of a castor wheel, you should always opt for the largest type when moving a heavy load. If the castor wheels you choose are too small, you may find it difficult to maneuverer a very heavy object. For further advice, you should speak to a wheel specialist.

The Condition of the Floor

As well as the type of castor wheels you wish to use, you should also consider the type and condition of the floor surface you will be using it on. You should evaluate the floor and check if there are any signs of cracking or damage. Cracks and damage could make it difficult to roll castor wheels along the floor. Large castor wheels will help you to overcome any difficulties posed by damaged flooring. If the floor is slippy, you should opt for castor wheels which are made of rubber as this can make it difficult to control a heavy load. You should instead choose castor wheels made of steel or polyurethane.

If you would like further help and advice when choosing the right type of castor wheels for your load, you should contact a wheel specialist who will be able to discuss your requirements before recommending the best type of wheel which meets your needs.